Long Bay Eco Cabins

Long Bay, Portland
Size ( sq. ft.)


The design takes advantage of the site’s steep slope and elevation, to maximize the panoramic views of the ocean, while minimizing the ecological footprint of the buildings.


Atelier-Vidal was tasked with creating a rare living experience in a limited collection of eco-cabins and a private villa. Our design aim was to create a hideaway that could be hidden within the landscape, using a palette of natural materials and open concept living. The property offers nine luxury one-bedroom cabins, and a self-contained three-bedroom villa. The two cabin-types – Canella and Ketto, are nestled within the natural landscape to minimize impact as well as offer privacy and unique views. Perched on the hillside, Canella is a reinterpretation of the modern cabin with its green roof being an extension of the sloping landscape. The form of the cabin is a sleek linear rectangle, which cantilevers off the hillside, allowing the natural wood frame to be visible but still becoming a part of the natural environment. These cabins are placed lower down the hill in juxtaposition to the vertical form of Ketto, mimicking the fall of the land to the sea. Ketto is a vertical intervention on the sloping site with a narrow footprint to minimize impact. This translates as a two-storey volume with the entry and living space on the upper level and the private spaces placed on the lower level. The natural wood cladding undulates with the hillside and responds the heights of the trees so as to soften the exterior and allow the built form to become a part of its natural surroundings.

Design Team

Alessandra Aziza | Nicole Auden | Vidal Dowding | Ravi Sittol | John Samuels | Dewayne Webb