Special Projects


Space Jamaica
W. Kings House, St. Andrew
Size ( sq. ft.)


_Space is a Caribbean based cultural NGO that fosters socio- economic & cultural development through dialogue & engagement with contemporary art. Atelier-Vidal Ltd. is producing designs for the exhibition spaces in collaboration with internationally renowned Architect David Adjaye, globally recognized as one of the leading architects of his generation.


The location for the intervention, 10A West Kings House road is largely regarded as an epicentre of the Kingston creative community and is the former Kingston residence of great Jamaican cultural luminary Perry Henzell. 10A has also been home to numerous film collectives, art exhibitions, performance troupes, and is the site on which Henzell edited and prepared the renowned film The Harder They Come, widely regarded as the first great marker that introduced Jamaican culture to the world, paving the way for roots, rock and reggae. Fresh from the design of one of the most prestigious commissions of this generation – The National Museum of African American History and Culture, David Adjaye has been a guiding hand behind the conceptual development of the intervention at 10A. The conceptual approach was further developed by Atelier-Vidal through collaborative design sessions with Adjaye Associates. The design involves minor rehabilitation to the existing buildings to maintain its rustic character, and juxtaposing contemporary pavilions in key areas to provide a visual contrast and define courtyards, which will be used as extensions of the exhibition spaces.

Design Team

Nicole Auden | Shanique Brown | Vidal Dowding | Anthony Hyatt | Ravi Sittol | John Samuels |Dewayne Webb