Our Services include Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Planning, Procurement and Contract Administration.



Since founding Atelier-Vidal Ltd. and US based product procurement company Atelier-Vidal Inc. in 2012, Vidal has led of team of highly talented, motivated and creative individuals, each with degrees in Architecture. Our passion and drive for excellence was recognized in 2014 by the Governor General’s Award of Merit for Resort Design on the Trident Hotel, the Firm’s first project.


Vidal Dowding is a registered Architect and member of the Jamaican Institute of Architects. He obtained both a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (First Class Honours) and a Master of Architecture Degree from the Caribbean School of Architecture at the University of Technology Jamaica. Vidal has lived in a number of Caribbean countries and has developed an appreciation for the multitude of cultural differences that influence the architecture of the tropics. Arriving in Jamaica in 1997, he has worked for acclaimed Architectural Firms Alberga Graham Jamaica, Marvin Goodman & Associates (MDG), and principally at Harold Morrison+Robert Woodstock Associates (HMRW) where he was an Associate between 2010 and 2012.


Nicole Auden | Registered Architect | M.JIA | M. Arch | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
John Samuels II | Registered Architect | M.JIA | M. Arch | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Shanique Brown | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Joanna Henke-Brown | M. Arch | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Anthony Hyatt | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Imani Lawrence | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Rochelle Sanford | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Dewayne Webb | M. Arch | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)
Jheanine Wiggan | M. Arch | BA.Arch Studies (Hons)

Formerly of AVL

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